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What people are saying about the I'm Yours (Preview EP) from Westside Praise:

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What people are saying about the Arise CD from Westside Praise:

"I heard about Westside Praise through one of my work customers and have loved your beautiful sound." - Veronica R.

"Beautiful and inspiring." - Tabi L. regarding the cover art for Arise, which is a paper collage made up of prayers, song lyrics, and encouragement hand-written by members at Westside church of Christ.

What people are saying about the Safe CD from Westside Praise:

"I really love it.  I wanted you to know that I'm especially taken by 'Content.'  What a great song.  I also love the song and arrangement of 'Spirit Intercedin' for Me'. You're doing some great stuff up there!  Keep up the good work." - Randy G.

"The beauty and clarity of the voices is clear. The tremble of the praise and the cadence of rhythm just plain rocks the soul!" - Linda C.

"Great CD! Highly recommended" - Lynette W.

What people are saying about the Carry Me CD from
Westside Praise:

"I have been deeply blessed by your music, thank you so much my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Listening to you I am reminded, as are my family, that good music, which is well delivered transcends time and speaks to the fundamental faith to which we all dearly cling, unifying us in our shared love for God.  Again, I thank God for leading me to you. I hope your recording sessions went off well and am eager to hear your next offering." - Lance A. from South Africa

"I just wanted to say that after having listened to the Westside Praise CD from beginning to end, it is nothing short of fabulous!  The songs are amazing!  The solo on Carry Me brings tears to my eyes!  What a beautiful endeavor. I'd encourage you to check this CD out.  Simply stated, I love this CD and would recommend it to anyone!"  - Angi B.

"I'm excited about Westside Praise's new CD Carry Me because each and every song on the CD reminds me of God's love and promises.  We all need encouragement and one of the best ways we can showcase Christ's love is through gospel music.  I look forward to sharing these songs of faith and encouragement with family and friends, especially those who are facing difficulties." - Trish A.

"I have enjoyed the Westside Praise CD as a way to sing praise and worship in my home (or in the car) with some refreshing new songs.  I love it that some of the songs like "It's a Beautiful Day" and "Carry Me" get stuck in my head and stay with me throughout the day.  Thanks for sharing your love for the Lord, as well as your talents, with us."
- Juanita M.

"It's wonderful.  ('I am weak, and the current is strong.'  Indeed!)" - Mike Cope

"Excellent reviews from the family on the CD.  My niece loved the 'church songs' and immediately wanted them on her iPod.  I played the CD for my Mom as well and it brought tears to her eyes!  She said it was the most wonderful, beautiful, profound music she has ever heard.  I mentioned something about it not having any instruments and she was shocked...she said it was so beautiful that she hadn't even noticed."- Sarah H.

"This CD is a spiritual experience! The words and music are splendid! The quality of the production, the soloists, the group dynamics are all excellent. The CD is devotional and spiritually uplifting, bringing one closer to God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The words convey thoughts I have had, but haven't been able to express. I highly recommend it, and hope for a sequal." - Roma L.

"I just have to tell you that the CD gives me great joy, and it is often a different song that moves me each time I listen to it.  I have given copies to people and they have all been uplifted by it as well.  What I love is the total uniqueness of each song.  Aliyih [soloist on Holy, Holy, Holy] can make me cry, even though I know her part is coming (and so I don't feel guilty when I stop singing and just listen to her).  Although my favorite song is Carry Me (because of the story behind it), each one is truly great.  So, although I am working this Saturday, the music makes me almost feel it is Sunday!" - Donna U.

"I know a few of the singers behind the project and while that might be construed as a basis for bias I was, nevertheless, greatly impressed.  What a refreshing delight it has been to be encouraged by the freshness of the sound and heartfelt offering of praise.  That's what really impressed me - in the mix of harmonies, rhythms, and lyrics you can hear the hearts of people who love God." - Randy Wray

"I can tell you that my kids love it! My son keeps walking around singing, 'Fallen, Broken, Dying.'" - Cheryl R.

"Wow! It's like the voices of Angels in Heaven! We are so thankful to have your CD to keep us close as we worship God "together" from opposite sides of this wonderful country!" - Beth S.

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The sheet music song book for Carry Me is also available in a folio format.  It includes the SATB arrangements for all the original songs on the CD for your choir or group. The sheet music for all the CDs is available for free download as well.