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The art that forms the background of Arise CD is a paper collage. A mosaic of scenes from the Pacific Northwest (see Mt. Hood on the horizon) made of strips of colored paper onto which the congregation at Westside Church of Christ wrote prayers, songs, hymns, and scriptures. We are literally sending prayers along with each CD that we'll ship. Praying for the listeners and receivers of the new music.
It was assembled on foam core and measures approximately 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet. It was designed and assembled by Jennifer Davis with help from the entire congregation. Special thanks to Patti Honc, Aliyih Bristol, and Penny Amick Pierce for assistance in the "green room" during the recording session for the album.
Below is a close-up of the "morning sunrise sky" so that you can see the detail. Hundreds of prayers, song lyrics and notes of encouragement, cut into strips and then affixed in layers. The layers were inspired by the structure of the wings of a butterfly (something else that aligns with our theme of "arise"). Although none of the individual prayers will be readable, those with the CD should know that those prayers and scriptures accompany the new music that they will be listening to when the new CD is released.